29 July 2012

[20.] High street finds...

Good afternoon readers ^-^!
Argh, I went shopping 3 days ago, when I really shouldn't...

Since we had this really lovely week of sunshine for once 
(I know.. *GASP*), I figured I was in need of sandals!
I somehow lost my favourite pair of brown sandals from TOPSHOP.
I guess somehow during moving houses so often lately...

My mission for the day was to buy 1 pair of brown & 1 pair of black sandals.
What did I come home with? Errr... oopsie?!

Don't let me go through the sales...

I honestly spent all day looking for sandals that I'd love... but no luck.
Then my friend wanted us to go into Monsoon/Accessorize, so I was dragged there :3
And oh, of course I managed to find things I like in there!

1. Pink peeptoe jelly shoes 
(not quite brown or black, but super comfy)!
They were only £5.40 instead of £18! 
Accessorize is having a massive 1/2 price AND 70% off sale!

2. Two lovely pairs of tights
Only £2.20 each, instead of £8 each! AND THEY HAVE HEARTS ON THEM!
I love combining tights with lolita as I'm quite tall. 

3. Eye rock - Designer Liner
Because quite frankly, I suck at eye make-up and I thought this would be an easy way out!
£3.50 instead of £7 - not that bad I thought...

How is your summer so far?
We actually had rain again yesterday :3 
It just can't stay dry for a week in the UK, haha!

Hope you're having a beautiful day today,
I'm going for a walk now ^-^!

x Chrissii x


  1. Wonderful finds! Those peep toes are gorgeous! xx

  2. I know the shoes is really sweet. I had the same one before.

    1. Really sweet indeed ^-^!
      How long did you have them for? Did you wear them a lot? x

  3. Your blog is so cute, and also your dresses :)
    I'm an italian blogger, we can follow each other, if you want :)

  4. love those accesoirize shoes really cute great for summer
    nice post,new follower =)
    check out my latest post on my blog

    1. Thank you so much Lateefah ^-^!<3
      Your blog is lovely, I'll follow you back!