17 July 2012

[17.] Accidentally fun hair...

Hello, my dear readers ^-^! 
 Something different today...

I was putting my hair up as I was getting warm...
and somehow managed to get a bow / Minnie Mouse-like buns in my hair :3
I thought it looked quite good for being an accident, so I took a picture!

I thought it was quite a cute accidental hairdo, lol :3

I'm wearing this shirt / dress today!
I bought it in The Netherlands when I last visited my mum.
It's from a Danish shop called Pieces.

Now, I'm gonna have my dinner ^-^!
I made a burger out of a ciabatta bun & southern fried chicken.
Add: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber & sweetcorn, hmmm yummy!
Obviously I've got two, hehe (I'm always hungry)!

Hope you're having a nice day & as always,
Thank you for reading ^-^!

x Chrissii x

This gif. I lol'd XD

p6I9kr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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