19 August 2012

[26]. RAWR! Wild lolitas at the zoo & dinosaurs too...

Good evening, dear readers ^-^!
I finally have the internet at my house, yay!

Wild lolitas at the Zoo.

My fellow housemate Hayley is a lolita too,
so we were helping each-other to get ready in the morning.
It's always nice to have a bit of company whilst running around
like a crazy headless chicken!

What to wear?!
I settled for my new dress from Emily Temple cute,
called "Wonderland Velveteen Ribbon" :3

Wonderland Velveteen Ribbon by Emily Temple cute :3

Hayley & I left the house together, making her late as I was taking forever!
Sorry about that :/ - I get really annoyed with myself too...
We managed to get on a bus to the train station to pick up more lolitas
and naturally we started cam-whoring, lol!

Myself & Hayley on a bus :3

We were a sight ourselves for the locals & few tourists!
Anyway, once we collected everyone at the train station,
we headed off to the Zoo on another bus ^-^!

Once we arrived, we went straight to the big picnic area they have,
to stuff our faces with some sugary/salty goodness!
We had things like; various cupcakes, mini meringues, quiches, 
little strawberry tarts, crisps, grapes & seeds.
I think we had a fair mix of food stuffs, there are some healthy things in there!

The mini meringue matched my dress!

Mini strawberry tart :3
After munching we roamed around the zoo, looking for cute animals ^-^!
Here are some pictures of some adorable animals we saw;

Red Panda munching away :3


I think this monkey just wants to break free ♪

Tapir with a mohawk!

Sleepy sloth, bless him...

How cool does this frog look?! Probably poisonous!

Lions, this one's the queen of the Zoo.

Near the end of the day we nearly forgot to take photos of ourselves, haha!
Obviously we went straight to everyone's favourite dinosaur, T-Rex :D
There were loads of others there too and even one with baby dinosaurs :3

Unfortunately we didn't get a photo of all of us together... (;____;)"
But there's always next year, though!
A few of us pretending to be T-Rex - (stole this pic from Bexy, sorry!)

Me looking stupid >_>

This is what my whole outfit looked like!
I hope you like it ^-^!

~*Outfit Rundown*~

Hair roses - H&M
Headbow - Primark

Blouse - Moi-même-Moitié
JSK - Emily Temple cute
Bag - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks - unknown
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Wig - Lockshop

Thank you for reading ^-^!
I'm really sorry for the delay in posts,
but now that I have the internet at home I'll hopefully catch up quickly!

What's your favourite animal?
Let me know in the comments below!

I'd love to go to Edinburgh Zoo to see the pandas one day,
before we have to give them back to China!

x Chrissii x

08 August 2012

[25.] The 30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 6...

Good evening ^-^!
 Here's today's challenge!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 6 - 10 things you can't live without in lolita.

• Tights •
Any colour that goes with the outfit or nude tights.
They hold up my overknee socks better and I think it looks better cos I'm tall.

• Bag •
I carry around way too much stuff, so any bag is a must!
 Preferably one that matches the outfit ;)

• Make-up •
I hate to say this, but when I'm wearing lolita I want to look as perfect as possible.
And that also counts for my make-up. I wear a lot more when I'm wearing lolita...

• Overknee socks •
I love socks anyway, but because I'm tall I prefer overknee socks.
I never not wear overknee socks unless I have printed tights that work with the outfit.

• Jewellery •
It completes a perfect lolita outfit and I'm terrible at putting it on!
There are never enough accessories!

• Hair accessories •
I almost feel naked without having at least one thing on my head :3
Usually there's at least 2 or 3 things!

• Petticoat •
Unless I'm doing a casual coordination, I always wear a petticoat.
Obviously looking at which shape of petticoat suits which shape of dress.

• Friends •
I'd be very lonely without my lolita friends and dressing up wouldn't be as fun.

• Tea & Cake •
No lolita day would be complete without having at least one of these, hehe!
I do love a bit of sugar to sweeten my day even more :3

• Oxygen •
You need it to breathe, whether you're a lolita or not XD

There's a post about my recent meet up at the zoo coming up real soon!
Please keep your eyes glued to my blog, haha <3
Thanks for looking & for your comments!

x Chrissii x

07 August 2012

[24.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 5...

Good afternoon ^-^!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 5 - 10 items from your wishlist.
This shouldn't be too hard, haha :3
In no particular order.

1. Macaron Tartan Rider's JSK by Angelic Pretty.
I just love everything about this!

2. Front Cross Chiffon Sun Dress by Moi-même-Moitié.
This is a really deep purple, even though it's called "navy".
I've tried this dress on while I was in Paris!

 3. Holy Stained Glass JSK by Moi-même-Moitié.
I always take photos of churches with stained glass :3 
It's so beautiful!

4. Dressy Rose JSK by Angelic Pretty.
I love the kind of 50's feel I get from this.
The halterneck, the bow, the roses, the lace <3

5. Wonder Party Skirt by Angelic Pretty.
After borrowing it from my friend Alexandria in the Bahamas,
I instantly fell in love with this <3

6. Gertrude Skirt by Innocent World.
Castles, carriages & ponies - What's not to love?!

7. Birdcage Skirt by Innocent World.
Such a classic beauty. I would love to own this, one day!

8. Moon Night Story Shoulder Bag by Angelic Pretty.
I love the colour & the seal makes it looks like an envelope!
So cute but still quite classy :3

 9. Wrist cuffs by Mary Magdalene.
I have never seen more beautiful wrist cuffs than these <3

10. Lace-up Georgette Blouse by Moi-même-Moitié.
The lace, the neckline, the little sleeves! Stunning!

Is there anything you'd love to own?
Show me in the comments below ^-^!

x Chrissii x

06 August 2012

[23.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 4...

Peek-a-boo ^-^!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 4 - 10 different kinds of food you like.
I'm not sure how this relates to a "lolita challenge",
but I love food, so let's get going ^-^!

• My favourite kind of winter food is: Hutspot!
It’s a mixture of potatoes, carrots & onions <3
Usually accompanied by "rookworst" or "klapstuk".

• My favourite kind of junkfood is: Frikandel!
It’s very hard to describe what it is exactly, so I’m using the official description:
“A dark coloured stave of different kinds of meat which will be eaten deep-fried”.
Always accompanied by chips/fries ^-^ <3

• My favourite kind of sandwich food is: Anijshagel!
They are like chocolate sprinkles but instead of chocolate,
they taste like aniseed! Super tasty :3

• My favourite kind of dairy food is: Cheese!
Any kind of cheese, especially goat's cheese <3

•  My favourite kind of fruit is: Honeydew Melon!
I eat it with parma ham, on it's own or I'll have it as a drink!
I love how versatile it is.

• My favourite kind of dessert is: Chocolate Fudge Brownie!
This doesn't need explaining...

• My favourite kind of sweet is: Liquorice!
Dutch liquorice is the best in the world <3
My favourite ones are Heksehyl & Dropharingen.

• My favourite kind of soup is: "Snert" aka pea soup!
My dad was a pro at making this soup.
It would be so thick that a wooden spoon could stand in the middle of the pot!
Sooo delicious! I regularly make this soup myself ^-^!

"Snert", made by myself :3 - So yummy!

• My favourite kind of pub food is: Bangers & Mash!
I don't think this needs explaining either, apart from that "bangers" are sausages ;)

• My favourite kind of snack food is: Peppers!
I love how fresh they are and the sound it makes when you bite them!
Also the way they taste, obviously! My favourite is yellow, then red & green.

Phew, that was quite a tough one!

I just love eating, so I eat most things :3
The only things I'm not really fond of are noodles & meatballs...

What is your favourite food?
Tell me in the comments!

x Chrissii x

05 August 2012

[22.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 2 & 3...

Hello everyone ^-^!
Whoops, I'm already behind on this!

I had a busy day yesterday as I went to the zoo!
More about that later, though... 
So here are day 2 & 3!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 2 - 10 Things you love in lolita.

• I love the overknee socks most of all :3

• I love all the people that wearing lolita has brought my way <3

•  I love eating cake and drinking tea!

• I love the drama some people start.
There, I've said it! I find it very entertaining to watch!

• I love updating my lolita scrapbook.

• I love changing my style and making myself look almost unrecognisable!

• I love all the cute accessories.

• I love travelling to lolita related events.

• I love loli_valentines, it's a great idea!

• I love that we always try to do some intellectual things at meet-ups.
Let's not forget how smart we all are!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 2 - 10 Things you hate in lolita.
First of all, I don't hate - I merely dislike.

• I dislike people who take photos of us without asking.
If you would like a photo, we're more than happy to pose for you - JUST ASK!

• I dislike spending so much money on lolita.
High street prices would be great ;)

• I dislike that my sugar intake is so high, thanks to all the cakes!

• I dislike how fake some people on daily_lolita are.
If the person clearly needs help and you know it, just tell them politely how to improve!
I'm so sick of all these "you're so cute" comments on there...

• I dislike it when my loli-friends are feeling sad.

• I dislike it how vain I am when I'm wearing lolita (especially with my wig).

• I dislike the "I'm not shipping abroad" policy of some seller.

• I dislike how narrow-minded some lolitas are regarding race/sexual orientation/age etc.
I just makes me think of you as a LOL-ITA.

• I dislike how certain people call themselves lolita experts, when clearly they have no clue.

• I dislike /cgl/ - sorry!

I must admit, it was quite hard to do both of these!

What do you love about lolita fashion?
What do you dislike about lolita fashion?
I want your opinions ^-^!

x Chrissii x

03 August 2012

[21.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 1...

Hello my dear readers ^-^!
Hope you're all well.

I've seen this lolita meme go round quite a bit and I've never actually finished it,
so I thought this would be the perfect thing to do right now!
I'm always up for a challenge, haha :3

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 1 - 10 Things about your lolita bubble.

I'm not even really sure what this mean...
I think things means facts in this sentence?

• I became interested in lolita after seeing a friend wear it to college.
My friend really got me into it and I think I started wearing it properly in mid 2008.

• My favourite brands are Moi-même-Moitié and Emily Temple cute.

• I have a "mild" obsession with socks; lolita really isn't helping with that!
I think I own more socks & tights than clothes :3

• I have experimented with a lot of lolita styles and sub-styles,
though I think I'm still mainly a gothic lolita at heart <3

• When I'm in a different country I always try to meet up with local lolitas.
Sadly, I couldn't meet anyone in the USA, Spain, Italy & Australia.
Hopefully I'll get another chance, though ^-^!

• I live in a house with other lolitas and we sometimes swap our wardrobes!
It's so much fun and you're not paying for "new" clothes ;)

• Someone once asked me how I would describe my lolita style in 3 words;
I answered with: "Screw the guidelines".
Because, quite honestly, I don't care what you think as long as I'm happy!

• I'm going to the zoo tomorrow, because it's time for the annual SW-loli meet!
I'm super excited, because the meet-ups are growing in numbers every year!

• I once sold over half of my lolita wardrobe, as an ex-boyfriend didn't like it. 
Pro Tip: Never sell anything because someone else doesn't like it. 
Screw everyone and be happy with yourself :D

• I love plastic jewellery. A bit too much...
I've had to glue my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright headbow back together 3 times!
Though, I did buy it in 2009... so it breaks about once a year, haha!

Well, I hope that was a bit entertaining ^-^!
Tomorrow I'm going to the zoo, so I shall have a picture post soon :3
Look out for Day 2 - 10 Things you love in lolita tomorrow as well!

What are 10 things about your bubble?
Leave me a comment if you like ^-^!

x Chrissii x