19 August 2012

[26]. RAWR! Wild lolitas at the zoo & dinosaurs too...

Good evening, dear readers ^-^!
I finally have the internet at my house, yay!

Wild lolitas at the Zoo.

My fellow housemate Hayley is a lolita too,
so we were helping each-other to get ready in the morning.
It's always nice to have a bit of company whilst running around
like a crazy headless chicken!

What to wear?!
I settled for my new dress from Emily Temple cute,
called "Wonderland Velveteen Ribbon" :3

Wonderland Velveteen Ribbon by Emily Temple cute :3

Hayley & I left the house together, making her late as I was taking forever!
Sorry about that :/ - I get really annoyed with myself too...
We managed to get on a bus to the train station to pick up more lolitas
and naturally we started cam-whoring, lol!

Myself & Hayley on a bus :3

We were a sight ourselves for the locals & few tourists!
Anyway, once we collected everyone at the train station,
we headed off to the Zoo on another bus ^-^!

Once we arrived, we went straight to the big picnic area they have,
to stuff our faces with some sugary/salty goodness!
We had things like; various cupcakes, mini meringues, quiches, 
little strawberry tarts, crisps, grapes & seeds.
I think we had a fair mix of food stuffs, there are some healthy things in there!

The mini meringue matched my dress!

Mini strawberry tart :3
After munching we roamed around the zoo, looking for cute animals ^-^!
Here are some pictures of some adorable animals we saw;

Red Panda munching away :3


I think this monkey just wants to break free ♪

Tapir with a mohawk!

Sleepy sloth, bless him...

How cool does this frog look?! Probably poisonous!

Lions, this one's the queen of the Zoo.

Near the end of the day we nearly forgot to take photos of ourselves, haha!
Obviously we went straight to everyone's favourite dinosaur, T-Rex :D
There were loads of others there too and even one with baby dinosaurs :3

Unfortunately we didn't get a photo of all of us together... (;____;)"
But there's always next year, though!
A few of us pretending to be T-Rex - (stole this pic from Bexy, sorry!)

Me looking stupid >_>

This is what my whole outfit looked like!
I hope you like it ^-^!

~*Outfit Rundown*~

Hair roses - H&M
Headbow - Primark

Blouse - Moi-même-Moitié
JSK - Emily Temple cute
Bag - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks - unknown
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Wig - Lockshop

Thank you for reading ^-^!
I'm really sorry for the delay in posts,
but now that I have the internet at home I'll hopefully catch up quickly!

What's your favourite animal?
Let me know in the comments below!

I'd love to go to Edinburgh Zoo to see the pandas one day,
before we have to give them back to China!

x Chrissii x


  1. Nice to hear that your housemate is also lolita :D

    Your outfit was lovely! This ETC is really cute ^^

    Mini tarts! Yummy~

    Seems you girls had fun! Long time I don;t go to the zoo :(

    My fav animal...owl and penguin! And now the red panda! he looks like a fox o_o

    1. Isn't the red panda amazing?! He was the most adorable thing ever!

      It was a really lovely time, thanks ^-^!

  2. That dress is so cute, and you make a lovely outfit with it ♥ Totally would love to eat that strawberry tart!

    The red panda looks adorable! Difficult to chose a favourite animal, but I always love to see the bears and wolfs ^^

    1. Thank you so much ^-^!
      They have bears in the zoo in Emmen!
      Not sure where they have wolves though...

  3. yaya zoo! I love going to the zoo. This seems like a lot of fun! My friends vania owns that dress in the black colorway and i must say its stunning and looks even nicer in person. Great choice :D

    1. Awww you should go to the zoo with Mari! Vania should twin with me when I next see her, haha!

  4. Had so much fun that day, can't wait until next year!

    Don't really know what my favourite animal is...I do love red pandas though! And most kinds of bird.

    1. Me too, it was a fun day!
      Hopefully see you soon :3
      Red panda's are the most adorable thing ever, I didn't even know they existed before we went to the zoo!