06 November 2012

[29.] Tea Time with the Bristolian ladies

Good evening, dear readers (^-^)!

On Saturday the 3rd of November, I went to have afternoon tea
with the local ladies of the Bristolian lands!

My housemate Hayley and I walked to the venue together.
It's so funny how English people always try not to look at you,
even though it's quite obvious that they can't help themselves XD
 Oh well, Hayley & I love shocking the locals and the tourists so it's fiiiine :3

We met up at Boston Tea Party, not far from our house.
They had reserved a table for us especially.
Naturally I ordered an 'Afternoon Tea' and shared it with Hayley,
and I chose Yunnan Rose tea as my actual drinking tea!

Hmmm 'Afternoon Tea'

Caaaake :3

Super delicious scone with clotted cream & jam <3

Yunnan Rose tea with real rosebuds in it!

Soooo tasty! It was a bit too much, though!
I wrapped up the brownies in my napkin and took them home, haha ;)

Just remembered there was a slight dilemma with the tea spoons.
Hayley is portraying this wonderfully in the following photos:

Hayley: "Where are the spoons?!" Me: "There are no spoons!" Hayley: *sulk*

Jenny also took some photos (much better than my phone can),
so here is a delightful picture of me scoffing cake... 
Oh well, I'm always eating :3


Sometimes slightly less elegant, but at least I'm having fun?!

After the delicious meal, some of us decided to go for a walk.
We found this beautiful park that I didn't even know existed!
So beautiful, argh! I wish I took some more photos (>_<)"!

We managed to take a little incomplete, blurry group photo with the self-timer :3
I'm wearing my Angelic Pretty 'Dreaming Macaron' JSK,
which I received in the post on that actual morning!

Katherine, Gina, Jenny, Hannah & I ^-^! I'm not actually that small!

Here's an outfit shot of the day that the beautiful Jenny took!

Meeeeeee :3 - I really love this picture <3 Thanks, Jenny!

~•* Outfit *•~

Headbow - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Wig - Lockshop
Blouse - Bodyline
Halterneck JSK - Angelic Pretty
Tights - Primark
Sandals - Accessorize

Thank you all for reading,
I will get back to your comments ASAP, I promise!
If you'd like to get in touch, please leave a comment or an email (^-^)!

How has your weekend been?
I'm back at work again now, boo!

x Chrissii x