29 July 2012

[20.] High street finds...

Good afternoon readers ^-^!
Argh, I went shopping 3 days ago, when I really shouldn't...

Since we had this really lovely week of sunshine for once 
(I know.. *GASP*), I figured I was in need of sandals!
I somehow lost my favourite pair of brown sandals from TOPSHOP.
I guess somehow during moving houses so often lately...

My mission for the day was to buy 1 pair of brown & 1 pair of black sandals.
What did I come home with? Errr... oopsie?!

Don't let me go through the sales...

I honestly spent all day looking for sandals that I'd love... but no luck.
Then my friend wanted us to go into Monsoon/Accessorize, so I was dragged there :3
And oh, of course I managed to find things I like in there!

1. Pink peeptoe jelly shoes 
(not quite brown or black, but super comfy)!
They were only £5.40 instead of £18! 
Accessorize is having a massive 1/2 price AND 70% off sale!

2. Two lovely pairs of tights
Only £2.20 each, instead of £8 each! AND THEY HAVE HEARTS ON THEM!
I love combining tights with lolita as I'm quite tall. 

3. Eye rock - Designer Liner
Because quite frankly, I suck at eye make-up and I thought this would be an easy way out!
£3.50 instead of £7 - not that bad I thought...

How is your summer so far?
We actually had rain again yesterday :3 
It just can't stay dry for a week in the UK, haha!

Hope you're having a beautiful day today,
I'm going for a walk now ^-^!

x Chrissii x

25 July 2012

[19.] Der Liebster Award...

 Hello m'dears ^-^!<3
(I'm using the Internet in Starbucks, haha!)

Wow, I have great news!
Last night my blog was nominated for the...

The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers.
"Liebster" is a German word, which can mean any of the following things:
sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, valued and endearing.
(I've picked the most relevant meanings, it actually has a lot more!)

Thank you so much, M'loes from Small Closet, Lots of Fashion!
I'm so happy that people like my blog & want to support me <3

Here are the rules for receiving the award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you,
plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tags back!

11 Things about me.

1. I love tea, I import all my tea from The Netherlands.
2. I also love food and my friends in The Netherlands will frequently send me food parcels :3
3. My new-year's resolution is to stop drinking take-away coffee, saving me £90 a month!
4. I'm quite multi-cultural. I'm Dutch, my parents are German, I live in the UK
and I'm dating a lovely half English, half Scottish man <3
5. All my friends say I look like Anne Hathaway, but I totally don't see it!
6. My favourite colour is green.
7. When I'm on holiday, I love to try the local food (like in France; frog legs & snails)!
8. I love travelling, I'm a total addict & hope to squeeze in a day-trip to Cardiff next week.
9. I've dyed my hair since I was 13 or 14 years old.
10. I have an obsession with tights & socks. I own more of those than clothes!
11. Name a movie, I probably haven't seen it! I'm trying to catch up on that, haha!

11 Questions M'loes asked me.

1. What is your all time favourite movie?
I don't watch many movies, but Hellboy 1& 2 were really good, I thought!

2. What is for you the biggest fashion no-no?
Clothes that don't fit your body type. WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN?!!

3. Are you a trendsetter or a trendfollower?
Neither, I just wear whatever I like and if it's on trend that's probably by accident!

4. What is your favourite item hanging in your closet?
It has got to be my amazing pirate tights from Teja Jamilla

I love these tights more than anything. NARWHALS!

5. Who or what is your favourite music artist or band?
Artists: Kanon Wakeshima & Emilie Autumn.
Bands: Aural Vampire & Die Antwoord.

6. What is your latest buy?
An Almond Latte from Starbucks (not a take-away, don't worry!).

7. What is your favourite vacation destination and why?
I'm gonna go with Melbourne, Australia. I found the people very friendly,
the ice creams were massive and the weather is amazing!

8. Before you die, what do you really want to try or do?
There are so many things on my bucket list! I'll go with "ride a camel in the desert".

9. What is your biggest fear?
Apart from the dark, it's loneliness.

10. If you have all the money in the world, what would you do with it, 
except for shopping clothes ;)?
Pay back debts, travel the world and visit all my friends, give some to charities
and save the rest to earn interest ;)

11. Are you a coffee or tea person?
Oh God, I love both! It really depends what mood I'm in :3

11 Questions that I'd like people to answer.

1. What's your favourite food?
2. Which item of clothing do you own the most of?
3. Do you believe in the Zombie Apocalypse?
4. What would you do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?
5. What is your favourite childhood game?
6. What is your favourite smell (e.g.: grass, petrol, bread)?
7. If you could be any cartoon character, which one would you be & why?
8. What is your favourite fashion accessory?
9. Do you have a "feel good" song, if so, what is it?
10. What are your hobbies?
11. What's your favourite thing that you've ever bought?

11 People I'm choosing to nominate for this award.

I hope you'll all be excited!

Thank you so much for my nomination,
I hope people will keep reading ^-^!
I've got some interesting posts coming up soon!

x Chrissii x

24 July 2012

[18.] Busy Bee *Bzzzz*...

Hello everyone ^-^!<3
I'm really sorry for the lack of updates recently!

I've just moved to a new house ^-^!
We have lovingly named it the  
~House of Glitter~

 In the meanwhile, I've received a couple of things in the post!

First of all, my new wig from Lockshop!
Which I absolutely LOVE <3

The "Mermaid Beachy" wig from Lockshop during the evening light.
The "Mermaid Beachy" wig from Lockshop during the daylight.
Both headbows are from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ;)

It's really lovely material and doesn't look shiny at all.
For this photo I just took it out of the wrapping and brushed it with my fingers.
This wig is also heat resistant, so I can style it any way you like!

Secondly, I have received the beautiful necklace I won in a give-away!
My friend M'loes from Small Closet, Lots of Fashion sent it straight away ^-^!
I will get a nice photo of it as soon as I can!

Unexpectedly, I've had a telephone job interview today!
Hopefully I can find a job soon, because money is running out!
The person thought I was perfect for the job, so he'll call back tomorrow
with a date to arrange a face-to-face interview!

*fingers crossed*

This is all I can write for now, 
I don't have the internet yet, at my new house (;___;)!

Short but sweet? Haha!
Thanks for reading,

x Chrissii x

17 July 2012

[17.] Accidentally fun hair...

Hello, my dear readers ^-^! 
 Something different today...

I was putting my hair up as I was getting warm...
and somehow managed to get a bow / Minnie Mouse-like buns in my hair :3
I thought it looked quite good for being an accident, so I took a picture!

I thought it was quite a cute accidental hairdo, lol :3

I'm wearing this shirt / dress today!
I bought it in The Netherlands when I last visited my mum.
It's from a Danish shop called Pieces.

Now, I'm gonna have my dinner ^-^!
I made a burger out of a ciabatta bun & southern fried chicken.
Add: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber & sweetcorn, hmmm yummy!
Obviously I've got two, hehe (I'm always hungry)!

Hope you're having a nice day & as always,
Thank you for reading ^-^!

x Chrissii x

This gif. I lol'd XD

p6I9kr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

16 July 2012

[16]. Selections from my lolita wardrobe...

Hello my dear readers ^-^!
I thought it might be nice to showcase my lolita wardrobe.
In this post I'll show my skirts & dresses!

~*Alice and The Pirates*~

Name: "Relief Print" OP.
Released in: 2009.

This beautiful piece was acquired in a partial trade for
my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright "Tulip Bouquet" JSK.
I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when I first opened the parcel!
The little angels on the print are so adorable.

~*Angelic Pretty*~

Name: "Strawberry Mille-Feuille" Skirt.
Released in: 2007.

When I first got to know about this print, it became my first real "dream print".
I've loved it so much ever since I got it!
It can be worn casually (as I do quite a lot lately)
or in a regular way or very OTT.
Love it <3

Name: "Colorful Drop" JSK.
Released in: 2008.

I bought this dress from my friend Alexandria in the Bahamas!
I've talked about her in my Foreign Lolita series ^-^!<3
I bought it off her to help her financially after being burgled
and I really wanted a new dress for the Tea Party Club 4th anniversary!
So it felt extra good buying this, as I was helping someone else in a way :3

Name: "Rose Princess Doll" JSK.
Released in: 2008.

I first saw this dress in a magazine scan from KERA.
I fell in love with it straight away, the hime style is so beautiful.
For now, I don't think I've done this dress justice, 
but I hope to come up with something good at some point soon!

~*Emily Temple cute*~

Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

I bought this skirt at Hyper Japan in 2011!
It only cost me £20! Bargain ^-^!
 I was actually working at Hyper Japan then, 
manning the Bring & Buy stall!
It was a lot of fun and extremely busy!

 Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

I bought this dress from Alice Fururun.
Looking at this dress just makes me sad these days.
I had an accident with the washing machine...
The light pink in the dress used to be WHITE!
I think it still looks wearable though...
Just not as pretty as before!

 Name: "Wonderland Velveteen Ribbon" Sleeveless OP
Released in: Unknown.

I got this dress in a trade with my former housemate!
We liked each others dresses so we thought:
"why not trade?"
Such a simple way to get "new" things,
without spending any money on it ^-^!

~*Juliette et Justine*~

Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

 This is my newest OP! I guess you can all see it now :3
I wanted it to be a massive secret for the JetJ tea party in London,
but oh well... I can't keep silent, lol! 

I love all the beautiful flowers and the black background should
make it easier for me to coordinate it somehow, hopefully!
It's very long, even on me it's below the knee D:
I'm 174cm tall, in case you're wondering ^-^!
I bought this from my amazing friend Sonia in America!
Love you forever <3


Name: "Chandelier" Skirt.
Released in: 2007.

I finally managed to obtain this skirt after trading and
originally owning the black x blue version.
I love this skirt, it's so versatile!
I recently wore it in a Cult Party Kei x Lolita outfit 
for the fashion show in Brighton ^-^!

 Name: "Silky Rose" OP.
Released in: 2009.

My favourite dress ever <3
One day I'd love to own the blue x white version too!
I bought this one for myself a birthday present in 2009.

Name: "Snow Cut Shirring Sun Dress".
Released in: 2007.

This is such a lovely and casual dress.
I managed to get away with wearing it to work on several occasions!
It's very light and it has tiny polkadots all over it!

~*Victorian Maiden*~

Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

I've bought this beautiful piece from Closet Child.
Just like Alice Fururun, they sell second hand lolita clothing.
I try not to look on those websites right now as I need to save money :3
I love this dress so much, I had it altered to fit me properly ^-^!
It's also a very long JSK, so this is also below the knee on me!

Well, that's it ^-^!
All the current dresses from my lolita wardrobe!
If anyone has any information on the "unknown" dresses,
I'd love to know more about them, please let me know!

Thank you & I hope you're having a nice day!
x Chrissii x

14 July 2012

[15.] Winning...!

Hello again, readers <3
I just wanted to share ALL THE GOOD NEWS I've had today!

First of all I'm very happy with my new piercing,
if you missed the last blog post, it's here!

Septum piercing :D

Then, my brother sent me a message that my new wig arrived
at my mum's house in The Netherlands!
That was a super quick delivery!

I ordered this beauty!

Mermaid Beachy, only 3 left in stock!

I love having long hair without waiting for it to grow :3
I'll make an update/review once I've received it ^-^!

Even more good news reached me this evening!
I won a give-away over at my friend's blog M'loes Closet ^-^!
I'm so happy & surprised because I never win anything!

I won this amazing necklace from Topvintage.nl
Isn't it gorgeous?!

I think it will go well with my wardrobe as there's a lot of black,
but it can also work to make a nice statement with a dress!
Argh, I love versatile jewellery like this <3

AND Just now, it's been announced at Intrinsically Florrie's blog that;
I'm one of the winners of Florrie's Floral Festivities!
OMG. I am so happy, I never thought I'd win!
I made a post about when I entered the competition, here.

Here's my winning outfit again ^-^!

Florrie's Floral Festivities WINNER :D

I'm so happy ^-^!<3

x Chrissii x

[14.] Piercings...

Good afternoon, readers ^-^!
Hope you're all alright!

Hello :D
Today I went and got myself a new piercing :3
I was so excited and scared, haha!

I already had 9 piercings before today.
My love for piercings started when I got my first one at 4 years old, lol.
I've always loved piercings, here are some pictures!

Left side of my face :3

Right side of my face :3

My first set of lobe piercings I got when I was 4 years old at a jewellery shop.
I asked my mother why she let me have them so young,
and she said I was begging her for them, lol.

My second set of lobe piercings I didn't actually get until I was 16!
I also got the tragus piercing when I was 16, after the others healed.
Sadly, I had to take the tragus piercing out after about 4 years,
because it gradually grew out of my ear.

The next one I got was the anti-tragus piercing, when I was 18.
Then, the rook piercing when I was 20.
Sadly, I also had to take the rook piercing out, because it was pierced wrong.
As a result, it never healed and I now have a scar from it.

That didn't put me off, obviously ^-^!
 So I went and got a snug piercing when I was on holiday in Las Vegas.
I was 22 at the time. I seem to get a piercing every 2 years, haha!
But then I thought: "Why wait 2 years?"...
So I got my daith piercing last year in Camden Town, London.

And here's my newest piercing, which I got today,
as a sort of "welcome-back-to-Bristol" present!

14/07/2012 - Look at my nose! I really like it!

It's called a septum ^-^!<3 *eek*
It's my first facial piercing! It was the most painful of all my piercings so far D:
It hurt sooooo bad, but it's alright now ^-^!

Do any of my readers have piercings?
What's your opinion on piercings & lolita?

Thank you for reading ^-^!
Have a nice weekend!

x Chrissii x

10 July 2012

[13.] Florrie's Floral Festivities...

Good evening, my dear readers ^-^!

I have just entered Florrie's Floral Festivities competition!
You can have a look at it here at Florrie's blog ^-^!

Florrie's blog has recently turned three,
meaning she's been writing it for 3 years!
Wow, I hope I can keep it up for that long ^-^!

The rules for the competition are very clear:
• Email a photo of yourself in your floral finest.
•  Your outfit has to have at least 1 flowery thing in it.
• Entry closes tomorrow, so decide quickly if you want to enter!

Prizes go to the following outfits:

• Outfit with the most flowery items in it.
• Florrie's favourite outfit.

Florrie will then pick out the prizes according to
the winners taste, so they will definitely love them!
She's so kind <3

It's definitely something I'd like to do once my blog is evolving.
Here's my entry ^-^!

10/07/2012 - Back garden :3

•What I'm wearing•

Flower headband - Primark
Flower wreath - Primark
Metallic flower hairclip - H&M
Giant pink flower hairclip - H&M
Cardigan - Emily Temple cute
Dress - LizLisa
Rings - Angelic Pretty
Heart tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark

My nail varnish is #489 Rose Insolent from CHANEL.
My lipstick is Rouge Allure Velvet #37 L'exubérante from CHANEL.

My floral count goes up to 5 items.
Wish me luck, haha!

I received a beautiful floral dress today
and I would love to show you all,
but I'm trying to keep it secret for as long as I can :3
 I'm going to need to do some serious charity/vintage shopping soon!
I also want to make a matching head piece for the dress, 
so I might post some D.I.Y. in the future ^-^!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you're having a nice evening/day, 
wherever in the world you may be <3

x Chrissii x

09 July 2012

[12.] Die Antwoord concert...

Good afternoon readers ^-^!
Today I'd like to talk about a concert I went to on Thursday.

~*Die Antwoord*~
HMV Forum, Kentish Town
London, 05/07/2011.

So typical! 
When I move away from London,
 an awesome band is playing... So; back I went!

 Die Antwoord are a South-African rap-rave group.
"Die Antwoord" is Afrikaans, meaning "The Answer".

They get their inspiration from the Zef counter-culture.
Yo-Landi Vi$$er describes Zef as: "It's associated with people who 
soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you're poor but you're fancy. 
You're poor but you're sexy, you've got style."

Their vocals are in Afrikaans, Xhosa and English.
Meaning I understand most of it, since Dutch is very similar to Afrikaans!

Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja
 I got to the gig around 8pm with my friend Bree & her friend.
We were wearing matching T-shirts which we made ourselves XD

Bree's says: "I kill everything I fuck" & mine says: "I fuck everything I kill".
On the backside we have each others words XD

A lot of people loved them, though I felt a little bad, 
as they're lyrics from a different band D:
We hoped that Die Antwoord wouldn't mind and thought it was funny
if they'd spot us in the crowd...

Die Antwoord started playing at around 9pm.
They did lots of songs that I love;

Wat kyk jy?
Baby's on Fire
I Fink U Freeky
Rich Bitch
Fok Julle Naaiers
Sail Away Motherfuckers (ft. Enya)

And many more!

One of the only good photos I have from the gig! Yo-Landi & DJ Hi-Tek!

If I remember correctly, they ended the show around 22:30 
with "Enter The Ninja".

Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja

Die Antwoord - Baby's On Fire (this is my favourite)

 I had such an amazing night!
Hopefully I can see them again some time!
It was truly incredible <3

When I'm at a concert I always drool over the merchandise!
I really wanted to buy a Yo-Landi T-shirt, but they didn't take cards.
It's such a shame, because I'd totally lose cash if I took it!
I never carry any cash!

Thank you for reading!
x Chrissii x

07 July 2012

[11.] "Foreign" lolitas, part 8...

Good afternoon, readers ^-^!
Sorry for the delay in this post!

Here's the final part of the "Foreign" lolitas series for now,
until I meet more frilly people on my travels!

~*"Foreign" lolitas, part 8...*~
 The Netherlands

Being born and raised in The Netherlands,
it's not exactly foreign to me.

I'm going to start this entry with little bit of my lolita history ^-^!

I first came across lolita fashion through my dear friend Nonette!
Nonette & I were classmates whilst studying Multi-Media Design.
I always thought that Nonette has a superb sense of style.
One day she was wearing lolita to class and I asked her what she was wearing.
She explained that it was lolita and how she got into it herself.
I told her that I loved how it looked and would love to try it myself!
That's kind of how it started ^-^!


Nonette in 2011. Isn't she just stunning? <3

Nonette has helped me so much over the years and 
she is a constant style inspiration to me <3

You can follow Nonette's blog at:

As part of the history lesson, 
I thought I'd find the oldest photo of me in lolita XD

I went to my first lolita meet-up on 06/12/2008,
but there are no good photos of myself so I'll spare you!
I remember wearing an Emily Temple cute mini skirt with a tulip on it.

Anyway, less about me, more about my Dutch frillies!
I haven't met many Dutch lolitas as I've moved to the UK shortly
after I got into lolita properly, but here are a few of my friends ^-^!


Damiën at Summer Darkness, 2011.

Damiën is my food-partner-in-crime!
We're a bunch of proper fatties, trapped in skinny people's bodies!
Every time Damiën & I meet up, we somehow end up stuffing our faces XD
But it's cool, we love eating so it's not a problem!

Damiën can pull off any style, may it be sweet/gothic lolita or EGA.
He always looks totally fabulous <3

Follow Damiën's blog at:

He also has a vlog channel that you can follow at:

And here's a Golden Oldie of us for the fun of it :3


Marloes in April 2012.

I first met Marloes in May 2011 at the Anime Con in Almelo.
I always feel a little nervous when I see other lolitas,
especially in my home country.
But I somehow found the courage to speak to Marloes,
I thought she and Danchelle looked lovely so I wanted to tell them!

I think Marloes looks great in almost every style
and she has the most amazing wigs!
I think my favourite styles on Marloes are shiro (all white) and classic.

Myself, Danchelle & Marloes at the Anime Con in May 2011, where we first met!


Danchelle in May 2012.

I first met Danchelle in May 2011 at the Anime Con in Almelo,
same as with Marloes, as they were there together!

Danchelle looks so amazing in sweet lolita!
It's like she was made for it ^-^!

We met again later in 2011 at Hyper Japan in London.
Sadly I didn't have much time to catch up as I was working at the event!
I hope all is well and we can meet up again soon :3


Leyla at Summer Darkness, 2011.

I've met Leyla only briefly a couple of times.
Sadly we never really get the opportunity to talk properly!
Hopefully that will change in the future, though!

Leyla is always super nice and she looks great every time!
Even when she's not wearing lolita!

She's also the owner of the only lolita shop in The Netherlands.
Mfashion in Bilthoven - http://www.mfashion.eu/

You can follow Leyla's blogs at:
and leylafashion.blogspot.co.uk

Thank you for reading ^-^!
Hope it's entertaining, haha :3
I've already got an idea for the next entry.

x Chrissii x

05 July 2012

[10.] "Foreign" Lolitas, part 7...

Good evening/night, readers ^-^!
Super late entry, sorry! I've been really busy & had a frustrating day today!
Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, lol!

"Foreign" Lolitas, part 7...
~* Czech Republic *~

I went to the Czech Republic in December 2009, specifically Prague.
December 2009 seems so long ago now, wow!

Once there I met up with a lovely lolita called Vita.
I met Vita through one of my online friends called Lucie.
She's another lolita from Czech Republic, but wasn't living in Prague at the time.
Sadly I have lost touch with Vita now (;____;).

Vita showed me around the whole of Prague, 
I remember my feet were hurting from walking so much XD
It was totally worth it though, prague is such a beautiful city!

Here are some photos ^-^!

A little bit of the Christmas Market.

Eating a crêpe <3 Delicious!

The view from Karlův Most.

City view from on top of a tower!

While I was in Prague, I also went to visit the Alphonse Mucha Exhibition.
He's my favourite artist, so it was a must for me!

Vita & I at Prague Castle.

Close-up of my outfit. Very bad lighting! My jumper is brown, lol :3

•What I'm wearing•

Headbow - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Jumper - C&A
Blouse - H&M
JSK - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Tights - Accessorize
Legwarmers - H&M
Boots - New Look

It was SO cold; a couple of degrees below 0!

I feel a little bit sad that I've lost touch with Vita,
but I'm very happy that I eventually got to meet my 
long-term online friend Lucie, too <3

Lucie was studying in the UK for a year or so and
it was actually really close to where I lived at the time!
We would meet up lots and go on silly adventures ^-^!
Pro Tip: There is no Nando's in Newport.

Lucie is currently on holiday in Sri Lanka and lives in Prague,
where she works for Czech Television!
We try to meet up as often as we can and she recently came
to London and stayed with me for a whole week!
We had so much fun!
Pro Tip: Stay away from Czech alcohol.

While she was in London, we went to a Mori Girl meet-up.
Neither of us had tried the style before, but we I think we did OK!
Here's some silly pictures of us... ^-^!
(we actually don't have any normal ones)

Natural History Museum - April 2012, Mori Girl meet-up.

Lucie, Mary-Ann & I <3 Purikura after the Mori Girl meet, April 2012.

My outfit for the Mori Girl meet-up, April 2012.

My outfit actually won a prize for "Best Dark Mori Girl"!
It really made my day and I got a really cute cat necklace <3

•What I'm wearing•

Pompom headband - Claire's Accessories
Rose hairclips - H&M
Faux fur shawl - H&M
Wooden necklace - Accessorize
Wooden bracelet - SIX
Long sleeved hooded jumper - ZARA
Khaki T-shirt - H&M
Black knitted top - H&M
Maxi skirt - All Saints
Overknee socks - Vivienne Westwood
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

This post was slightly different, I hope you enjoyed it anyway :3
The next entry will be the last "Foreign" Lolitas part (;_____;)!
You'll have to wait until Friday night for it, as
I'm going to a concert tomorrow, so excited!
More about that later!

Have a great night,

x Chrissii x