02 July 2012

[9.] "Foreign lolitas, part 6...

Good afternoon, readers ^-^!
I was up bright and early today (for a change, lol).

"Foreign" lolitas, part 6...
London, United Kingdom.

I love the London lolita communities.
We have "The Tea Party Club (TPC)" and "Frills & Frolics".
There's always something going on and all the people are lovely.
If you'd like to have a look in the communities; I've turned the words into links, just give them a click!

I've lived in London for just over a year.
Just moved back to the countryside!

I've even lived in a house with 2 other lolitas :3
Aggie, doesn't like photos so I won't put one here.
Kyra, does though and she always looks fabulous!

My favourite picture of Kyra & I at the 4th Anniversary of TPC

Kyra is wearing Angelic Pretty's "Chess Chocolate".
She's also the owner of jewellery brand "Patisserie Pink
and she's the founder of the TPC.

The TPC is currently organising a Tea Party with Juliette et Justine!
Read more about this special event in my post: 

•What I'm wearing•

Plastic headbow - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Red headbow - Claire's Accessories
Earrings - Icing Sugar
Blouse - H&M
Bracelet - SIX
JSK - Angelic Pretty
Socks - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

There are so many amazing lolitas in London, 
it's really hard for me to pick who to mention!
I'm just going to randomly pick 3 people...

~* Dodo *~

Dodo & I at the Wallace Collection, London 2011.

We're totally wearing the same JSK on purpose ^-^!

•What I'm wearing•

Hat - Juicy Couture
Bracelet - SIX
Blouse - Primark
JSK - Emily Temple cute
Belt - From a different blouse
Bag - New Look
OTK Socks - New Look
KH Socks - New Look
Boots - New Look

Sorry if we're offending anyone with our pose,
we were definitely not trying to offend anyone; we just love being silly!

I adore Dodo's style SO much, she's a constant inspiration!
When she doesn't wear lolita, Dodo wears other Japanese street fashion.
You can follow Dodo's blog at:

~* Tania *~

Tania & I at Hyper Japan, July 2011.

•What I'm wearing•

Headdress - Alice and The Pirates
Blouse - H&M
JSK - Victorian Maiden
Tights - Accessorize
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Tania always looks so amazing!
I love how she's so creative with her outfits
and never looks like anyone else.

Tania is one of the models for Gothic Lolita Wigs 
and one of the founders of Frills & Frolics.
You can follow Tania's blog at:
And like her page at:

~* Sapphira *~

Sapphira <3 We don't have any good pictures of us together D:

Sapphira is a beautiful Classical Lolita.
She looks stunning in anything she wears 
and she makes a lot of her dresses herself.

Sapphira recently moved to Japan to realise her dreams.
I'm so proud of her and I hope everything works out well!
You can follow Sapphira's adventures at:

Thank you so much for reading,
When you're in London don't be shy to ask anyone to meet up!
Londoners loves meeting new lolitas from afar ^-^!

x Chrissii x

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  1. aww your local comm is filled with amazing lolitas :D

    1. I know, I'm kinda sad I moved away, but my new/old local girls are amazing too, thankfully!

  2. you look lovely in all pictures!

  3. i love the econd pic ! ;DD
    if you like my blog please follow :)
    Have a nice day !

    1. Aww thank you :P
      I love your blog, I'll follow it!
      You look lovely!

  4. Thank you my dearest for the feature! <3 <3 <3