16 July 2012

[16]. Selections from my lolita wardrobe...

Hello my dear readers ^-^!
I thought it might be nice to showcase my lolita wardrobe.
In this post I'll show my skirts & dresses!

~*Alice and The Pirates*~

Name: "Relief Print" OP.
Released in: 2009.

This beautiful piece was acquired in a partial trade for
my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright "Tulip Bouquet" JSK.
I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when I first opened the parcel!
The little angels on the print are so adorable.

~*Angelic Pretty*~

Name: "Strawberry Mille-Feuille" Skirt.
Released in: 2007.

When I first got to know about this print, it became my first real "dream print".
I've loved it so much ever since I got it!
It can be worn casually (as I do quite a lot lately)
or in a regular way or very OTT.
Love it <3

Name: "Colorful Drop" JSK.
Released in: 2008.

I bought this dress from my friend Alexandria in the Bahamas!
I've talked about her in my Foreign Lolita series ^-^!<3
I bought it off her to help her financially after being burgled
and I really wanted a new dress for the Tea Party Club 4th anniversary!
So it felt extra good buying this, as I was helping someone else in a way :3

Name: "Rose Princess Doll" JSK.
Released in: 2008.

I first saw this dress in a magazine scan from KERA.
I fell in love with it straight away, the hime style is so beautiful.
For now, I don't think I've done this dress justice, 
but I hope to come up with something good at some point soon!

~*Emily Temple cute*~

Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

I bought this skirt at Hyper Japan in 2011!
It only cost me £20! Bargain ^-^!
 I was actually working at Hyper Japan then, 
manning the Bring & Buy stall!
It was a lot of fun and extremely busy!

 Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

I bought this dress from Alice Fururun.
Looking at this dress just makes me sad these days.
I had an accident with the washing machine...
The light pink in the dress used to be WHITE!
I think it still looks wearable though...
Just not as pretty as before!

 Name: "Wonderland Velveteen Ribbon" Sleeveless OP
Released in: Unknown.

I got this dress in a trade with my former housemate!
We liked each others dresses so we thought:
"why not trade?"
Such a simple way to get "new" things,
without spending any money on it ^-^!

~*Juliette et Justine*~

Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

 This is my newest OP! I guess you can all see it now :3
I wanted it to be a massive secret for the JetJ tea party in London,
but oh well... I can't keep silent, lol! 

I love all the beautiful flowers and the black background should
make it easier for me to coordinate it somehow, hopefully!
It's very long, even on me it's below the knee D:
I'm 174cm tall, in case you're wondering ^-^!
I bought this from my amazing friend Sonia in America!
Love you forever <3


Name: "Chandelier" Skirt.
Released in: 2007.

I finally managed to obtain this skirt after trading and
originally owning the black x blue version.
I love this skirt, it's so versatile!
I recently wore it in a Cult Party Kei x Lolita outfit 
for the fashion show in Brighton ^-^!

 Name: "Silky Rose" OP.
Released in: 2009.

My favourite dress ever <3
One day I'd love to own the blue x white version too!
I bought this one for myself a birthday present in 2009.

Name: "Snow Cut Shirring Sun Dress".
Released in: 2007.

This is such a lovely and casual dress.
I managed to get away with wearing it to work on several occasions!
It's very light and it has tiny polkadots all over it!

~*Victorian Maiden*~

Name: Unknown.
Released in: Unknown.

I've bought this beautiful piece from Closet Child.
Just like Alice Fururun, they sell second hand lolita clothing.
I try not to look on those websites right now as I need to save money :3
I love this dress so much, I had it altered to fit me properly ^-^!
It's also a very long JSK, so this is also below the knee on me!

Well, that's it ^-^!
All the current dresses from my lolita wardrobe!
If anyone has any information on the "unknown" dresses,
I'd love to know more about them, please let me know!

Thank you & I hope you're having a nice day!
x Chrissii x


  1. Gosh i love almost all of these and that etc skirt was a steal!

    That j+j dress is a dream... i adore it, its just my sort of thing (too bad that sort of thing isn't made for people my size though).
    You always did have great taste!

    1. Aww yay, thank you ^-^! <3
      I'm so happy I managed to get a JetJ dress before the Tea Party! So lucky & it was quite cheap too! They have some really beautiful floral dresses with shirring too!

  2. The first dress is so pretty!! I had it for a while but the bust was too small for me ;__; Glad you have it!
    Also the J&J dress is perfect <3
    you have a beautiful closet!

    1. Aww thank you, Ana ^-^!
      I traded the dress with a girl in Brazil!
      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. You have such nice pieces, I really love the Silky Rose OP and your JetJ dress!<3

    1. Thank you so much ^-^!<3
      I was so happy when I bought myself the Silky Rose OP!
      The JetJ dress I was so lucky to get, too!
      I really wanted to find one before the Tea Party in London! And it was a really good price too!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you <3
      Have you done a wardrobe post?
      If so, I must have missed it! Link?