14 July 2012

[14.] Piercings...

Good afternoon, readers ^-^!
Hope you're all alright!

Hello :D
Today I went and got myself a new piercing :3
I was so excited and scared, haha!

I already had 9 piercings before today.
My love for piercings started when I got my first one at 4 years old, lol.
I've always loved piercings, here are some pictures!

Left side of my face :3

Right side of my face :3

My first set of lobe piercings I got when I was 4 years old at a jewellery shop.
I asked my mother why she let me have them so young,
and she said I was begging her for them, lol.

My second set of lobe piercings I didn't actually get until I was 16!
I also got the tragus piercing when I was 16, after the others healed.
Sadly, I had to take the tragus piercing out after about 4 years,
because it gradually grew out of my ear.

The next one I got was the anti-tragus piercing, when I was 18.
Then, the rook piercing when I was 20.
Sadly, I also had to take the rook piercing out, because it was pierced wrong.
As a result, it never healed and I now have a scar from it.

That didn't put me off, obviously ^-^!
 So I went and got a snug piercing when I was on holiday in Las Vegas.
I was 22 at the time. I seem to get a piercing every 2 years, haha!
But then I thought: "Why wait 2 years?"...
So I got my daith piercing last year in Camden Town, London.

And here's my newest piercing, which I got today,
as a sort of "welcome-back-to-Bristol" present!

14/07/2012 - Look at my nose! I really like it!

It's called a septum ^-^!<3 *eek*
It's my first facial piercing! It was the most painful of all my piercings so far D:
It hurt sooooo bad, but it's alright now ^-^!

Do any of my readers have piercings?
What's your opinion on piercings & lolita?

Thank you for reading ^-^!
Have a nice weekend!

x Chrissii x


  1. Anonymous14/7/12 18:16

    Aw it suits you Chrissi! I adore septum piercings, I used to have mine pierced & stretched when I was younger, I kinda miss it ;_ ;

    1. Aww thank you ^-^!<3
      I don't think I could ever stretch it, omg!
      You're so brave! I honestly thought I was dying, lol!

  2. Wow. Ich wusste gar nicht dass du so viele piercings hast *.* ich find das gut! Ich hab 13. Hätte ich noch alle wären es 15. Pierced Lolis rock!

    1. Wow! Ich wusste auch nicht dass du so viele piercings hast XD - Pierced Lolis FTW <3

  3. The septum piercing looks great on you! And the best thing about it is that you can also flip it inside very easily if you have to hide it :p You know I love piercings ♥

    1. Yay, thank you <3
      I'd love to be able to touch it, but even cleaning it right now hurts like hell XD How long did it take before you could flip it up to hide it?

    2. Hmmm I think I could flip it inside after a week. But for me it didn't hurt that much though :p

    3. Ooh ok! Good to know ^-^!
      It's starting to hurt a lot less, but it's still a bit painful & stingy to clean it!