05 July 2012

[10.] "Foreign" Lolitas, part 7...

Good evening/night, readers ^-^!
Super late entry, sorry! I've been really busy & had a frustrating day today!
Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, lol!

"Foreign" Lolitas, part 7...
~* Czech Republic *~

I went to the Czech Republic in December 2009, specifically Prague.
December 2009 seems so long ago now, wow!

Once there I met up with a lovely lolita called Vita.
I met Vita through one of my online friends called Lucie.
She's another lolita from Czech Republic, but wasn't living in Prague at the time.
Sadly I have lost touch with Vita now (;____;).

Vita showed me around the whole of Prague, 
I remember my feet were hurting from walking so much XD
It was totally worth it though, prague is such a beautiful city!

Here are some photos ^-^!

A little bit of the Christmas Market.

Eating a crêpe <3 Delicious!

The view from Karlův Most.

City view from on top of a tower!

While I was in Prague, I also went to visit the Alphonse Mucha Exhibition.
He's my favourite artist, so it was a must for me!

Vita & I at Prague Castle.

Close-up of my outfit. Very bad lighting! My jumper is brown, lol :3

•What I'm wearing•

Headbow - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Jumper - C&A
Blouse - H&M
JSK - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Tights - Accessorize
Legwarmers - H&M
Boots - New Look

It was SO cold; a couple of degrees below 0!

I feel a little bit sad that I've lost touch with Vita,
but I'm very happy that I eventually got to meet my 
long-term online friend Lucie, too <3

Lucie was studying in the UK for a year or so and
it was actually really close to where I lived at the time!
We would meet up lots and go on silly adventures ^-^!
Pro Tip: There is no Nando's in Newport.

Lucie is currently on holiday in Sri Lanka and lives in Prague,
where she works for Czech Television!
We try to meet up as often as we can and she recently came
to London and stayed with me for a whole week!
We had so much fun!
Pro Tip: Stay away from Czech alcohol.

While she was in London, we went to a Mori Girl meet-up.
Neither of us had tried the style before, but we I think we did OK!
Here's some silly pictures of us... ^-^!
(we actually don't have any normal ones)

Natural History Museum - April 2012, Mori Girl meet-up.

Lucie, Mary-Ann & I <3 Purikura after the Mori Girl meet, April 2012.

My outfit for the Mori Girl meet-up, April 2012.

My outfit actually won a prize for "Best Dark Mori Girl"!
It really made my day and I got a really cute cat necklace <3

•What I'm wearing•

Pompom headband - Claire's Accessories
Rose hairclips - H&M
Faux fur shawl - H&M
Wooden necklace - Accessorize
Wooden bracelet - SIX
Long sleeved hooded jumper - ZARA
Khaki T-shirt - H&M
Black knitted top - H&M
Maxi skirt - All Saints
Overknee socks - Vivienne Westwood
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

This post was slightly different, I hope you enjoyed it anyway :3
The next entry will be the last "Foreign" Lolitas part (;_____;)!
You'll have to wait until Friday night for it, as
I'm going to a concert tomorrow, so excited!
More about that later!

Have a great night,

x Chrissii x


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