07 July 2012

[11.] "Foreign" lolitas, part 8...

Good afternoon, readers ^-^!
Sorry for the delay in this post!

Here's the final part of the "Foreign" lolitas series for now,
until I meet more frilly people on my travels!

~*"Foreign" lolitas, part 8...*~
 The Netherlands

Being born and raised in The Netherlands,
it's not exactly foreign to me.

I'm going to start this entry with little bit of my lolita history ^-^!

I first came across lolita fashion through my dear friend Nonette!
Nonette & I were classmates whilst studying Multi-Media Design.
I always thought that Nonette has a superb sense of style.
One day she was wearing lolita to class and I asked her what she was wearing.
She explained that it was lolita and how she got into it herself.
I told her that I loved how it looked and would love to try it myself!
That's kind of how it started ^-^!


Nonette in 2011. Isn't she just stunning? <3

Nonette has helped me so much over the years and 
she is a constant style inspiration to me <3

You can follow Nonette's blog at:

As part of the history lesson, 
I thought I'd find the oldest photo of me in lolita XD

I went to my first lolita meet-up on 06/12/2008,
but there are no good photos of myself so I'll spare you!
I remember wearing an Emily Temple cute mini skirt with a tulip on it.

Anyway, less about me, more about my Dutch frillies!
I haven't met many Dutch lolitas as I've moved to the UK shortly
after I got into lolita properly, but here are a few of my friends ^-^!


Damiën at Summer Darkness, 2011.

Damiën is my food-partner-in-crime!
We're a bunch of proper fatties, trapped in skinny people's bodies!
Every time Damiën & I meet up, we somehow end up stuffing our faces XD
But it's cool, we love eating so it's not a problem!

Damiën can pull off any style, may it be sweet/gothic lolita or EGA.
He always looks totally fabulous <3

Follow Damiën's blog at:

He also has a vlog channel that you can follow at:

And here's a Golden Oldie of us for the fun of it :3


Marloes in April 2012.

I first met Marloes in May 2011 at the Anime Con in Almelo.
I always feel a little nervous when I see other lolitas,
especially in my home country.
But I somehow found the courage to speak to Marloes,
I thought she and Danchelle looked lovely so I wanted to tell them!

I think Marloes looks great in almost every style
and she has the most amazing wigs!
I think my favourite styles on Marloes are shiro (all white) and classic.

Myself, Danchelle & Marloes at the Anime Con in May 2011, where we first met!


Danchelle in May 2012.

I first met Danchelle in May 2011 at the Anime Con in Almelo,
same as with Marloes, as they were there together!

Danchelle looks so amazing in sweet lolita!
It's like she was made for it ^-^!

We met again later in 2011 at Hyper Japan in London.
Sadly I didn't have much time to catch up as I was working at the event!
I hope all is well and we can meet up again soon :3


Leyla at Summer Darkness, 2011.

I've met Leyla only briefly a couple of times.
Sadly we never really get the opportunity to talk properly!
Hopefully that will change in the future, though!

Leyla is always super nice and she looks great every time!
Even when she's not wearing lolita!

She's also the owner of the only lolita shop in The Netherlands.
Mfashion in Bilthoven - http://www.mfashion.eu/

You can follow Leyla's blogs at:
and leylafashion.blogspot.co.uk

Thank you for reading ^-^!
Hope it's entertaining, haha :3
I've already got an idea for the next entry.

x Chrissii x


  1. Thank you so much for including me ♥ And wow, that's such a old photo of us!

    1. How could I leave you out?! XD
      We've done too many crazy things together haha!
      Remember sitting in the giant clog in Amsterdam? And the giant ice creams?! XD

  2. Replies
    1. Dankjewel ^-^!
      Ik zal ook direct even mee doen met je give-away!
      Was ik helemaal vergeten!

  3. So many lovely girls!!!
    Nice to read how you met lolita :D