24 July 2012

[18.] Busy Bee *Bzzzz*...

Hello everyone ^-^!<3
I'm really sorry for the lack of updates recently!

I've just moved to a new house ^-^!
We have lovingly named it the  
~House of Glitter~

 In the meanwhile, I've received a couple of things in the post!

First of all, my new wig from Lockshop!
Which I absolutely LOVE <3

The "Mermaid Beachy" wig from Lockshop during the evening light.
The "Mermaid Beachy" wig from Lockshop during the daylight.
Both headbows are from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ;)

It's really lovely material and doesn't look shiny at all.
For this photo I just took it out of the wrapping and brushed it with my fingers.
This wig is also heat resistant, so I can style it any way you like!

Secondly, I have received the beautiful necklace I won in a give-away!
My friend M'loes from Small Closet, Lots of Fashion sent it straight away ^-^!
I will get a nice photo of it as soon as I can!

Unexpectedly, I've had a telephone job interview today!
Hopefully I can find a job soon, because money is running out!
The person thought I was perfect for the job, so he'll call back tomorrow
with a date to arrange a face-to-face interview!

*fingers crossed*

This is all I can write for now, 
I don't have the internet yet, at my new house (;___;)!

Short but sweet? Haha!
Thanks for reading,

x Chrissii x


  1. Congratulations on moving house! I like your wig a lot, it looks so natural <3 Best of luck for the interview!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm so happy with the wig, I might invest in more wigs from Lockshop depending on if I get this job, haha! How are you getting on in Japan? I hope you're having a great time! x

  2. New house? Amazing! And I love your look in your new wig :)
    By the way, good luck with new job! ^^

    1. Thank you so much, Mickey!
      I'm so happy with the wig, it was the first time I invested in a more expensive wig than my usual eBay ones, haha! x

  3. Congrats with moving!
    And the wig looks smashing on you <3

    1. Thank you so much <3
      I bet it will look good on you too, when it's back in stock!

  4. I hope you get the new job! And the wig is lovely <3 and of course you too :3

    1. Thank you <3!
      So far I haven't even heard anything back, yet!

  5. I have that wig too and I LOVE IT!!! Looks lovely on you <3

    1. Yaaay, hair twins!
      Thank you ^-^! I bet it looks lovely on you too!

  6. dat wig! gorgeous bows too ^^

  7. I really like the wigs. The bow is so cute. Hope you settle in your new home ok, and good luck with the interview& that you get the job.x

    1. Thank you very much ^-^!
      I'm keeping my fingers crossed, haha!
      I've got the job interview on Tuesday *eek* x

  8. The wig looks so real! Great!