10 July 2012

[13.] Florrie's Floral Festivities...

Good evening, my dear readers ^-^!

I have just entered Florrie's Floral Festivities competition!
You can have a look at it here at Florrie's blog ^-^!

Florrie's blog has recently turned three,
meaning she's been writing it for 3 years!
Wow, I hope I can keep it up for that long ^-^!

The rules for the competition are very clear:
• Email a photo of yourself in your floral finest.
•  Your outfit has to have at least 1 flowery thing in it.
• Entry closes tomorrow, so decide quickly if you want to enter!

Prizes go to the following outfits:

• Outfit with the most flowery items in it.
• Florrie's favourite outfit.

Florrie will then pick out the prizes according to
the winners taste, so they will definitely love them!
She's so kind <3

It's definitely something I'd like to do once my blog is evolving.
Here's my entry ^-^!

10/07/2012 - Back garden :3

•What I'm wearing•

Flower headband - Primark
Flower wreath - Primark
Metallic flower hairclip - H&M
Giant pink flower hairclip - H&M
Cardigan - Emily Temple cute
Dress - LizLisa
Rings - Angelic Pretty
Heart tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark

My nail varnish is #489 Rose Insolent from CHANEL.
My lipstick is Rouge Allure Velvet #37 L'exubérante from CHANEL.

My floral count goes up to 5 items.
Wish me luck, haha!

I received a beautiful floral dress today
and I would love to show you all,
but I'm trying to keep it secret for as long as I can :3
 I'm going to need to do some serious charity/vintage shopping soon!
I also want to make a matching head piece for the dress, 
so I might post some D.I.Y. in the future ^-^!

Thanks for reading!
I hope you're having a nice evening/day, 
wherever in the world you may be <3

x Chrissii x

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