06 August 2012

[23.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 4...

Peek-a-boo ^-^!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 4 - 10 different kinds of food you like.
I'm not sure how this relates to a "lolita challenge",
but I love food, so let's get going ^-^!

• My favourite kind of winter food is: Hutspot!
It’s a mixture of potatoes, carrots & onions <3
Usually accompanied by "rookworst" or "klapstuk".

• My favourite kind of junkfood is: Frikandel!
It’s very hard to describe what it is exactly, so I’m using the official description:
“A dark coloured stave of different kinds of meat which will be eaten deep-fried”.
Always accompanied by chips/fries ^-^ <3

• My favourite kind of sandwich food is: Anijshagel!
They are like chocolate sprinkles but instead of chocolate,
they taste like aniseed! Super tasty :3

• My favourite kind of dairy food is: Cheese!
Any kind of cheese, especially goat's cheese <3

•  My favourite kind of fruit is: Honeydew Melon!
I eat it with parma ham, on it's own or I'll have it as a drink!
I love how versatile it is.

• My favourite kind of dessert is: Chocolate Fudge Brownie!
This doesn't need explaining...

• My favourite kind of sweet is: Liquorice!
Dutch liquorice is the best in the world <3
My favourite ones are Heksehyl & Dropharingen.

• My favourite kind of soup is: "Snert" aka pea soup!
My dad was a pro at making this soup.
It would be so thick that a wooden spoon could stand in the middle of the pot!
Sooo delicious! I regularly make this soup myself ^-^!

"Snert", made by myself :3 - So yummy!

• My favourite kind of pub food is: Bangers & Mash!
I don't think this needs explaining either, apart from that "bangers" are sausages ;)

• My favourite kind of snack food is: Peppers!
I love how fresh they are and the sound it makes when you bite them!
Also the way they taste, obviously! My favourite is yellow, then red & green.

Phew, that was quite a tough one!

I just love eating, so I eat most things :3
The only things I'm not really fond of are noodles & meatballs...

What is your favourite food?
Tell me in the comments!

x Chrissii x


  1. Looks tasty!!! ^_^ I made some of that earlier this year!

    1. Hmmmm fooood <3
      I actually quite miss Bahamian food!
      What was that fish called? Conch? So good!

  2. Omg snerrrrt! Yours is so delicious! :o

    1. Thank you so much bb <3
      Come round and I'll make it for you soon!