08 August 2012

[25.] The 30 Day Lolita Challenge, Day 6...

Good evening ^-^!
 Here's today's challenge!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 6 - 10 things you can't live without in lolita.

• Tights •
Any colour that goes with the outfit or nude tights.
They hold up my overknee socks better and I think it looks better cos I'm tall.

• Bag •
I carry around way too much stuff, so any bag is a must!
 Preferably one that matches the outfit ;)

• Make-up •
I hate to say this, but when I'm wearing lolita I want to look as perfect as possible.
And that also counts for my make-up. I wear a lot more when I'm wearing lolita...

• Overknee socks •
I love socks anyway, but because I'm tall I prefer overknee socks.
I never not wear overknee socks unless I have printed tights that work with the outfit.

• Jewellery •
It completes a perfect lolita outfit and I'm terrible at putting it on!
There are never enough accessories!

• Hair accessories •
I almost feel naked without having at least one thing on my head :3
Usually there's at least 2 or 3 things!

• Petticoat •
Unless I'm doing a casual coordination, I always wear a petticoat.
Obviously looking at which shape of petticoat suits which shape of dress.

• Friends •
I'd be very lonely without my lolita friends and dressing up wouldn't be as fun.

• Tea & Cake •
No lolita day would be complete without having at least one of these, hehe!
I do love a bit of sugar to sweeten my day even more :3

• Oxygen •
You need it to breathe, whether you're a lolita or not XD

There's a post about my recent meet up at the zoo coming up real soon!
Please keep your eyes glued to my blog, haha <3
Thanks for looking & for your comments!

x Chrissii x

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