05 August 2012

[22.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 2 & 3...

Hello everyone ^-^!
Whoops, I'm already behind on this!

I had a busy day yesterday as I went to the zoo!
More about that later, though... 
So here are day 2 & 3!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 2 - 10 Things you love in lolita.

• I love the overknee socks most of all :3

• I love all the people that wearing lolita has brought my way <3

•  I love eating cake and drinking tea!

• I love the drama some people start.
There, I've said it! I find it very entertaining to watch!

• I love updating my lolita scrapbook.

• I love changing my style and making myself look almost unrecognisable!

• I love all the cute accessories.

• I love travelling to lolita related events.

• I love loli_valentines, it's a great idea!

• I love that we always try to do some intellectual things at meet-ups.
Let's not forget how smart we all are!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 2 - 10 Things you hate in lolita.
First of all, I don't hate - I merely dislike.

• I dislike people who take photos of us without asking.
If you would like a photo, we're more than happy to pose for you - JUST ASK!

• I dislike spending so much money on lolita.
High street prices would be great ;)

• I dislike that my sugar intake is so high, thanks to all the cakes!

• I dislike how fake some people on daily_lolita are.
If the person clearly needs help and you know it, just tell them politely how to improve!
I'm so sick of all these "you're so cute" comments on there...

• I dislike it when my loli-friends are feeling sad.

• I dislike it how vain I am when I'm wearing lolita (especially with my wig).

• I dislike the "I'm not shipping abroad" policy of some seller.

• I dislike how narrow-minded some lolitas are regarding race/sexual orientation/age etc.
I just makes me think of you as a LOL-ITA.

• I dislike how certain people call themselves lolita experts, when clearly they have no clue.

• I dislike /cgl/ - sorry!

I must admit, it was quite hard to do both of these!

What do you love about lolita fashion?
What do you dislike about lolita fashion?
I want your opinions ^-^!

x Chrissii x

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