07 August 2012

[24.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 5...

Good afternoon ^-^!

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 5 - 10 items from your wishlist.
This shouldn't be too hard, haha :3
In no particular order.

1. Macaron Tartan Rider's JSK by Angelic Pretty.
I just love everything about this!

2. Front Cross Chiffon Sun Dress by Moi-même-Moitié.
This is a really deep purple, even though it's called "navy".
I've tried this dress on while I was in Paris!

 3. Holy Stained Glass JSK by Moi-même-Moitié.
I always take photos of churches with stained glass :3 
It's so beautiful!

4. Dressy Rose JSK by Angelic Pretty.
I love the kind of 50's feel I get from this.
The halterneck, the bow, the roses, the lace <3

5. Wonder Party Skirt by Angelic Pretty.
After borrowing it from my friend Alexandria in the Bahamas,
I instantly fell in love with this <3

6. Gertrude Skirt by Innocent World.
Castles, carriages & ponies - What's not to love?!

7. Birdcage Skirt by Innocent World.
Such a classic beauty. I would love to own this, one day!

8. Moon Night Story Shoulder Bag by Angelic Pretty.
I love the colour & the seal makes it looks like an envelope!
So cute but still quite classy :3

 9. Wrist cuffs by Mary Magdalene.
I have never seen more beautiful wrist cuffs than these <3

10. Lace-up Georgette Blouse by Moi-même-Moitié.
The lace, the neckline, the little sleeves! Stunning!

Is there anything you'd love to own?
Show me in the comments below ^-^!

x Chrissii x