03 August 2012

[21.] The 30-Day Lolita Challenge, Day 1...

Hello my dear readers ^-^!
Hope you're all well.

I've seen this lolita meme go round quite a bit and I've never actually finished it,
so I thought this would be the perfect thing to do right now!
I'm always up for a challenge, haha :3

30-Day Lolita Challenge.
Day 1 - 10 Things about your lolita bubble.

I'm not even really sure what this mean...
I think things means facts in this sentence?

• I became interested in lolita after seeing a friend wear it to college.
My friend really got me into it and I think I started wearing it properly in mid 2008.

• My favourite brands are Moi-même-Moitié and Emily Temple cute.

• I have a "mild" obsession with socks; lolita really isn't helping with that!
I think I own more socks & tights than clothes :3

• I have experimented with a lot of lolita styles and sub-styles,
though I think I'm still mainly a gothic lolita at heart <3

• When I'm in a different country I always try to meet up with local lolitas.
Sadly, I couldn't meet anyone in the USA, Spain, Italy & Australia.
Hopefully I'll get another chance, though ^-^!

• I live in a house with other lolitas and we sometimes swap our wardrobes!
It's so much fun and you're not paying for "new" clothes ;)

• Someone once asked me how I would describe my lolita style in 3 words;
I answered with: "Screw the guidelines".
Because, quite honestly, I don't care what you think as long as I'm happy!

• I'm going to the zoo tomorrow, because it's time for the annual SW-loli meet!
I'm super excited, because the meet-ups are growing in numbers every year!

• I once sold over half of my lolita wardrobe, as an ex-boyfriend didn't like it. 
Pro Tip: Never sell anything because someone else doesn't like it. 
Screw everyone and be happy with yourself :D

• I love plastic jewellery. A bit too much...
I've had to glue my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright headbow back together 3 times!
Though, I did buy it in 2009... so it breaks about once a year, haha!

Well, I hope that was a bit entertaining ^-^!
Tomorrow I'm going to the zoo, so I shall have a picture post soon :3
Look out for Day 2 - 10 Things you love in lolita tomorrow as well!

What are 10 things about your bubble?
Leave me a comment if you like ^-^!

x Chrissii x


  1. Lovely! I am not sure what "lolita bubble" means either, but I am always so excited to read about this random stuff - and write my memes too, lol!

    1. Hehe thanks!
      Feel free to join in!
      I just did day 2 &3 ^-^!