23 September 2012

[27.] A quick update to say that I'm back!

Good evening, dear readers (^-^)!

Im so sorry for not posting for so long!
A lot of things have been going on in my private life...
I would only like to focus on the positive things in life, though.

I've got a new job & I absolutely love it!
I'm now officially a ~*Translator*~ 
(like a human google translate)
The office looks really smart, I have my own desk and
the whole translating team is lovely!

On top of the new job, I've also got a new boyfriend!
He's really nice & he treats me like I matter to him.
We have loads in common too (^-^)!

I must say, I have honestly never been happier in my life.
Life is finally good! 


On the 8th of September I went to London,
for the 5th anniversary of the Tea Party Club.
Celebrating in style, they invited loads of special guests.
More about this in my next post, though!

Here's a picture of me at the event to tease you :P

~*Outfit Rundown*~

Head ensemble - Handmade
Wig - Lockshop
Choker - Moi-même-Moitié
JSK - Juliette et Justine
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita's'


As always, thank you very much for reading.
I promise I'll make a proper post about the amazing event!
Hope you're having a great night (^-^)!

x Chrissii x


  1. Congrats with your new job, you finally are translator! :D And you look amazing in that outfit, so beautiful!

  2. Hi dear I'm vendy...
    what do you think to follow each other?? ^^
    I want your opinion for my new outfit post


    ps: new first outfit post

    1. Hi Vendy!
      Yes, let's do that!
      You look very lovely in your post and I LOVE your sunglasses!

  3. Congrats for the job! And the boyfriend ^^~ happiness for both of you! \o/
    And you look pretty, the JC boots <3

  4. Aw congrats on the new job, and wow you have new boyfriend a lot has been happening, glad you happy :) xx