29 June 2012

[7.] "Foreign" lolitas, part 5...

Good afternoon readers ^-^!

Great Britain.
The country I'm living in.
I'm the foreigner here, haha!

There are so many lovely lolitas here,
they all made me feel so very welcome ❤

When I first moved to the UK, 
I joined the South-West Lolitas as they're my local girls!
 I also lived in London for a year and joined the Londoners,
but more about them in the next post!

Let me introduce you to my 3 "favourite" girls!

My longest serving UK lolita friend;
~* Hayley *~

Hayley & I at the JetJ + Teaparty Club event in London!

Hayley is one of the most interesting people I've ever met.
Her views in life really inspire me and even though we don't always
agree on everything, I really value her opinion!

As a lolita, Hayley is always very creative in every way possible.
There's always a bit of her personality in her outfits, which I love.

She's also a master of the art of hot-glue-gunning!
 I really need some training in this :3

You can follow Hayley and her adventures at:

~* Amy *~

Amy at Bristol Zoo with T-Rex!

Amy is by far the most kind-hearted person I've ever met.
She would do anything for anybody and she couldn't harm a fly.
Apart from if it's a mosquito and she's in Spain on holidays :3

As a lolita, Amy always brings a little bit of punk to her outfits.
She's a little rebel, loves mixing black with pink and she never wears wigs!
I really admire her style, because she doesn't care what anybody thinks of her!

Amy is also my karaoke partner in crime.
Our song is "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi!

You can follow Amy at:

~* Leah *~

Leah dressed up for International Lolita Day in 2011.

Leah has a fiery personality and amazing willpower! 
She'll lighten up any party with her energy.
She's an expert in making dread locks and I don't think I've ever
seen her with the same hair style twice in a row!

I love Leah's lolita style, because she always puts in lots of effort.
Even when we're having a casual day, she'll look amazing!
I love this yellow outfit on her; not many people can pull off a yellow dress.

You can follow Leah and her work at:

These are my local girls who I love hanging out with.
They are true friends who will never let you down.
I'm so glad I've met all of you!
Our community tries to hold as many meet-ups as we can,
though lately we have all been extremely busy with personal things!

At least there are always 2 annual events to look forward to:
• The community's birthday, celebrated in February with karaoke & sushi.
• The annual Zoo meet-up, usually in August, celebrated with cute animals.

Bonus picture from the Zoo in 2010 as sadly I had to miss it in 2011.
Not even the British weather is stopping us from seeing cute animals ^-^!

I spotted some wild lolitas from afar - Annual Zoo Meet, 2010.

Come join us one day ^-^!
x Chrissii x

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