28 June 2012

[6.] "Foreign" lolitas, part 4...

Good evening readers ^-^!
In today's "Foreign" lolitas part, I'll be writing about:
København (Copenhagen), Denmark.

I've been to Copenhagen twice for business
and both times managed to meet up with my lolita friend Clara!

~* Trip 1 *~

February 2010.
The Danish are quite well known for their amazing furniture.
And they proved this to me as soon as I set foot into my hotel room!
Look at this amazing chair!

I also have to tell you about this amazing iced tea I had!
It was the best iced tea in the world <3
Just look at it D:

It's winking at me!

Available in Café Norden in the centre of Copenhagen.

Ok let's get to the point!
I first met Clara on 17 February 2010.
It was cold and it was raining.

Clara and I braved the cold and went shopping :3
We got someone to take a picture of us together in a shop!

Weatherproof lolitas, lol <3

•What I'm wearing (Not that u can see any of it) •

Headbow - Moi-même-Moitié
Coat - All Saints
Scarf - H&M
JSK - Moi-même-Moitié
Socks - Moi-même-Moitié
Wellingtons - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Clara was wearing her "Melty Chocolate" skirt by Angelic Pretty.

 ~* Trip 2 *~

The second time I went to Copenhagen, it was February again!
This time it was snowing and even colder...
My birthday is in February and I remember wanting to do a boat tour,
but it was so cold that all the canals froze and we couldn't go!

Everything is frozen, brrrr!

I messaged Clara again that I was back and she came to meet me again, yay!
This time, we were definitely too cold to walk around!
We just stayed at the house I was staying and had some nice tea.

23 February 2011 (^-^)!

•What I'm wearing•

Mini-hat - handmade by a friend
Necklace - Primark
Blouse - H&M
Cardigan - Emily Temple cute
Belt - H&M
JSK - Emily Temple cute

~* Clara's London Trip *~

In March this year, I got a surprise message from Clara!
She was going on a school trip to London, so we arranged to meet up.
As I was at work at the time I could only meet up for lunch,
but we still managed to get a photo taken ^-^!

13 March 2012 - Joe & the Juice, London.

The waiters in Joe & the Juice are mostly Danish and very handsome!
Shame they aren't very good at taking non-blurry photos :3

It's been so lovely to meet Clara and 
I'm again thankful that I've had the opportunity.
I also really appreciate that Clara wanted to spend her time off with me to catch up!
She's really lovely and so is her country; Denmark!
If you have a chance, go to visit!

If you'd like to find out more about Clara, follow her Tumblr:
(non-lolita related)

Thank you for reading,
x Chrissii x

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