25 June 2012

[3.] Juliette et Justine

I've got to postpone the Bahamas entry until the next one, sorry!
Way too exciting news just happened ^-^!

I managed to get a VIP Ticket for 
the 5th Anniversary of the Tea Party Club!

I'm beyond excited about this event!
So many things will be happening, it's almost surreal!

• Special guests •

Juliette et Justine
with head designer Mari Nakamura

The Gothic & Lolita Bible magazine
with editor Mariko Suzuki (former editor of KERA Maniax magazine)

• Announced so far •

*Juliette et Justine will have stall where you can buy their clothing*
*Juliette et Justine fashion show, modelled by contestant winners!*
*Raffles and other competitions with prizes donated by Juliette et Justine, 
local lolita designers and other Japanese brands*
*Guest talk and Q&A with Mari Nakamura*
*Photo corner with a professional photographer*
*Photos and signings*
*Live music*
*Tea & Cake*

It all sounds so amazing!
Super excited to see lots of old friends and make some new ones ^-^!
Now the big waiting game & outfit planning can begin!
London, I'll see you in September <3

If you're interested in joining, please watch this video
and buy your tickets here: http://teapartyclub.shops.pipfrog.com/

x Chrissii x


  1. I am just very very jealous. But as long as the designers start making more fully shirred or fully back shirred designs i'll be happy enough. haha

    1. It's such a shame you can't be there, but I shall let them know about your request ;) <3