27 December 2013

[40.] ☆ Milk Tea Day UK ☆

Hello dear readers (^-^)
Today, I'd like to tell you about an event I attended earlier this month!

☆ Milk Tea Day UK ☆

The day actually started out quite hilarious when I got to the coach station.
There was a man wandering around in his underwear...
Yet still, I was getting all the looks when I turned up for my coach wearing Lolita!

At 'Milk Tea Day' Japanese band Die Milch (The Milk in German), had their UK debut.
It took place in The Nave; a beautiful and historic venue near Islington in London.
When I first got there, I thought I was lost as I had never been to Islington before,
and comparing it to other event locations, it just looked like I was in the wrong place!
BUT. I spotted a sign and noticed that it was indeed the right place.

An impression from inside the building

Once I arrived, I travelled alone, I was glad to see many friends straight away!
Some friends I hadn't seen for around 2 years, so it was lovely to catch up.

Entry to the event was free, until 5pm when the concert would start.
I walked around for a bit, took outfit shots with friends & had a tea in a Maid Café :3
There were lots of cute stalls selling Lolita accessories and some even sold clothing!
I tried to spend minimal money, so this is all I bought:

Metronom CD - a sweet from Coco - rose tea and a tea strainer

The ever so kind Florrie took Outfit pictures of Reina & I before it went dark.
These days the sun goes under at 4:30pm already...
My outfit picture, you can view here:

~•* Outfit Rundown *•~

Flower Crown - Primark
Blouse - Moi-même-Moitié
JSK - Angelic Pretty
Tights - TejaJamilla
Shoes - SecretShop

The ever so sweet Florrie

The ever smiling Reina

A stupid selfie with Jess

After the silliness with friends, we were called back into the venue.
The concert was about to start, yay!

I have to admit, I hadn't listened to their music before, but I decided to go anyway.
My main reason was seeing my friends, which meant a lot to me!
It turned out that I really enjoy Die Milch's music, so that was a nice bonus, haha!

I have 3 little Instagram video's from the concert.
I hope you enjoy them!

After the concert, I was very fortunate to have my CD signed by Coco & Yui.
I was also able to have my picture taken with them, before I had to rush off for my 
3 hour coach journey!

I'm so impressed, they are so nice and even speak a tiny bit of English.
Coco tried to make us sing "White Christmas" with them,
but I don't know the lyrics to any English songs....
Super embarrassing!

Yui & Coco in the middle of a mini dance routine

Coco, Yui & I <3

All in all, it was an amazing day and I'm so glad that I attended!
Hope to see all of my friends again soon <3

If you like what you're hearing, then I suggest you go see Die Milch when you have the chance!
As always, thanks for reading!

x Chrissii x

26 December 2013

[39.] ❄ Merry Christmas ❄

❄ Merry Christmas ❄
I hope you were able to spend it with your loved ones!

I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his family on the 24th.
We had a traditional Polish Christmas with 12 dishes of food on the table!
Needless to say, we were all pretty stuffed by the end of it :3

Before the meal started, we all had a piece of opłatek.
It's a Christmas wafer baked from pure wheat flour and water.
The opłatki wafers are embossed with Christmas related religious images, varying from the nativity scene, Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, to the Star of Bethlehem.

The eldest member holds a large wafer and breaks off a piece to begin the ritual.

The remaining wafer is passed on to another member while a prayer for loved ones is said. 
This continues until everyone at the table has a piece of the wafer. 
Finally, everyone eats their share.

This was the first time I did this and I thought it was a really nice idea.
Made Christmas a little bit different.

The Christmas meal consisted of the following 12 foods:

1. Herring & onion in sauce
2. Grilled Salmon with Herbs
3. Grilled Salmon with Lemon
4. Smoked Salmon
5. Greek Style fish
6. Pierogi with cheese filling
7. Pierogi with sauerkraut filling
8. Filled egg halves
9. Salad
10. Barszcz
11. Croquettes
12. Bread

As you can see, there is no meat involved.
Polish people will still be fasting from meat until Christmas Day.

~•* Outfit Rundown *•~

Christmas Headband - Claire's Accessories
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Cardigan - New Look
Dress - Primark
Tights - M&S

I didn't feel like dressing up in lolita for Christmas this year.
I feel like every year, I'm using the same dress for it so it gets a bit boring...
This dress does the job alright, I think. It's very simple, yet cute and I like that.

Thanks for reading!

❄ Season's Greetings ❄
x Chrissii x

01 December 2013

[38.] ☆ Innocent World Tea Party ☆

Hello dear readers (^-^)
Better late than never, right?

Today I want to tell you about my time at the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna, Austria.
I stayed at my dear friend Mimi's house for about a week.
It was my last holiday from work for the whole year (;____;)
So, I thought I might as well make the most of it!

Mimi was a great hostess, as always, and she took me & the bf to see loads of things.
Firstly we went to the Naschmarkt, a big market full of sweets & foods.

Naschmarkt - look at all the deliciousness

After visiting the Naschmarkt in the morning, we spent our afternoon at the Zoo!
Tiergarten Schönbrunn is apparently the best zoo in Europe.
And OMG, it was beautiful!

This panda was such a prick, he didn't wanna turn around!

During my stay I have eaten many great things, for example:
Goat's cheese ice cream, several buffets and amazing sushi!
Of course there are many food pictures, but I'll leave them for now....

I'm sure if you're reading this, you must be more interested in the: 

☆ Innocent World Tea Party ☆

It was a really awesome day!
Super well organised & even the weather was good!
I wonder how they got the weather to play along...

I had a Super VIP Ticket, which meant that I got early entry,
a goodie bag and we were greeted with a glass of champagne!

There were many stalls and a huge buffet.
After the buffet was opened, the fashion show started.
It was beautiful to watch and the models did the routine really well!
Even the hotel staff was looking at the fashion show and taking photos, haha!

Delicious buffet things <3 nom nom nom

My fashion show pictures turned out rubbish, so none of them here... Sorry!

After the fashion show, we had some browsing time and you could make use of
the professional photographer who had been hired for the whole day.

Lolita KompleX did an unplugged live set, which was awesome!
The previous night, I had seen them live with Mimi, which was so much fun <3

At the Lolita KompleX concert

Lolita KompleX at the Innocent World Tea Party

Before the Q&A with Yumi Fujiwara, the Innocent World designer, I managed
to grab a picture with her together. She is such a sweet & gentile person!
I'm very happy I met her.

Yumi Fujiwara & I

After the Q&A, there was a raffle and I got super lucky!
I won an Innocent World bonnet D:

With the raffle over, it was time to announce the outfit contest winners.
Yumi Fujiwara handpicked the 3 girls who she taught represented Innocent World the best.
Congrats if you were one of the winners!

The outfit contest winners!

Here are pictures from the rest of the day :3
I hope you enjoy them!

For the first time ever, I had a twin <3 Love ya!

Eve & Nana from Lolita KompleX

My hostess Mimi <3

With Sylvia, who looked like an Autumn Fairy!

Being naughty with The Flat Fat Cat ;)

With Duplica, who you may remember from my Foreign Lolita's series!

With fellow girls from the UK

With fellow Dutchies & Belgians

Everything from the goodie bag, incl. Innocent World socks & hair ties!

I bought some Innocent World tights and a brooch / hair clip!

My raffle prize, an Innocent World bonnet!

Pictures from the professional photographer: M.E. Fotografie

With my twinsie <3

Mimi & I being our usual selves... I'm not sure if our behaviour should be encouraged...

My outfit shot :)

~•* Outfit Rundown *•~

Headgear - Various Roses
Golden Key - Now Voyager
Necklace - H&M
Blouse - Moi-même-Moitié
Skirt - Innocent World
Socks - River Island
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

I hope you enjoyed reading this post / looking at the pictures!
This event happened 2 months ago, but I have been so busy with life
that I hardly have time to blog.... 

Keep looking for the next post, because I have some more things to share :)

x Chrissii x