27 December 2013

[40.] ☆ Milk Tea Day UK ☆

Hello dear readers (^-^)
Today, I'd like to tell you about an event I attended earlier this month!

☆ Milk Tea Day UK ☆

The day actually started out quite hilarious when I got to the coach station.
There was a man wandering around in his underwear...
Yet still, I was getting all the looks when I turned up for my coach wearing Lolita!

At 'Milk Tea Day' Japanese band Die Milch (The Milk in German), had their UK debut.
It took place in The Nave; a beautiful and historic venue near Islington in London.
When I first got there, I thought I was lost as I had never been to Islington before,
and comparing it to other event locations, it just looked like I was in the wrong place!
BUT. I spotted a sign and noticed that it was indeed the right place.

An impression from inside the building

Once I arrived, I travelled alone, I was glad to see many friends straight away!
Some friends I hadn't seen for around 2 years, so it was lovely to catch up.

Entry to the event was free, until 5pm when the concert would start.
I walked around for a bit, took outfit shots with friends & had a tea in a Maid Café :3
There were lots of cute stalls selling Lolita accessories and some even sold clothing!
I tried to spend minimal money, so this is all I bought:

Metronom CD - a sweet from Coco - rose tea and a tea strainer

The ever so kind Florrie took Outfit pictures of Reina & I before it went dark.
These days the sun goes under at 4:30pm already...
My outfit picture, you can view here:

~•* Outfit Rundown *•~

Flower Crown - Primark
Blouse - Moi-même-Moitié
JSK - Angelic Pretty
Tights - TejaJamilla
Shoes - SecretShop

The ever so sweet Florrie

The ever smiling Reina

A stupid selfie with Jess

After the silliness with friends, we were called back into the venue.
The concert was about to start, yay!

I have to admit, I hadn't listened to their music before, but I decided to go anyway.
My main reason was seeing my friends, which meant a lot to me!
It turned out that I really enjoy Die Milch's music, so that was a nice bonus, haha!

I have 3 little Instagram video's from the concert.
I hope you enjoy them!

After the concert, I was very fortunate to have my CD signed by Coco & Yui.
I was also able to have my picture taken with them, before I had to rush off for my 
3 hour coach journey!

I'm so impressed, they are so nice and even speak a tiny bit of English.
Coco tried to make us sing "White Christmas" with them,
but I don't know the lyrics to any English songs....
Super embarrassing!

Yui & Coco in the middle of a mini dance routine

Coco, Yui & I <3

All in all, it was an amazing day and I'm so glad that I attended!
Hope to see all of my friends again soon <3

If you like what you're hearing, then I suggest you go see Die Milch when you have the chance!
As always, thanks for reading!

x Chrissii x


  1. Die Milch hätt ich gern gesehen. die musik gefällt mir so gut. doch die gigs waren alle zu weit weg :/

    1. Aww, vielleicht hast du dieses jahr mehr glück!
      Die waren schon richtig gut :)