08 April 2013

[33.] A Day in Utrecht with my Dutchies

Hello, my dears!
Hope you're well <3

I've completely forgotten that I went on holiday :3
It was a while ago, but as you can tell by my archive,
I didn't have much motivation to write anything!

Utrecht, The Netherlands
(Shamefully late post, I know)

Utrecht - Such a beautiful city!

After a drive of an hour and a half, I eventually made it to Utrecht.
After getting lost a few times, trying to find a parking spot...
Damn roadworks everywhere...!

I met up with my lovely friends Marloes & Damiën for the day.
It was so much fun! We went to the Cathedral of Saint Martin, 
or as it is lovingly known by the locals: De Domtoren!

It's THE symbol of Utrecht.
The Cathedral tower is 112 meters high and 
it is the highest tower from the Middle Ages in The Netherlands.
It's also over 600 years old!

De Domtoren

After walking around the Cathedral & looking at the beautiful stained glass,
we got a bit peckish and decided to have some tea & cake (obviously)!
The Cathedral had a little tea room which was surprisingly nice.
It looked out into the gardens where we went later on.

Traditional "Domkoek" on the left + a biscuit & Cinnamon tea <3

After lunch, we ventured out into the cold to see the gardens!
We couldn't help taking pictures as it's such a lovely place :3

It looks like Marloes is floating haha, no legs!

The 3 of us managed to squeeze into one picture :3

Damiën & I

We didn't take any single pictures because we were freezing to death,
so I'm going to write my Outfit Rundown below!

~•* Outfit *•~

Hat - Gift from a lady who bought it in 1943
Rose Clip - H&M
Faux-fur Stole - H&M
Blouse - Primark
JSK - Emily Temple cute
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Bag - muchacha achachumu

After visiting the Cathedral, it was nearly time to go home already. 
However, we couldn't resist getting some Bubble Tea first!
Damiën is a total addict, it was his second one that day already!

Bubble Tea - Mine had a cute monkey on it!

Managed to get my tea fix as well, haha!
I always get my tea in a shop called Xenos.
One packet of 10 tea bags only cost about €0,50!
I do love a good bargain, haha :3

My tea tower - Melon, Oriental, Apple & Cinnamon, Vanilla, Raspberry, Cherry & Cranberry!

 Then it was sadly time to hit the road again!

I had a really great day and I'd like to 
thank Damiën & Marloes for making time for me.

Thanks guys, I love you <3

I'll leave you with a picture of me in the car, lol!

Bye bye, back to the freezing north of The Netherlands!
(the hat is from Juicy Couture)

Thanks for reading <3
See you soon!

x Chrissii x


  1. I agree. DAT BAG!
    But you are all cuties! *_* And Utrecht is pretty and fijn. <3

    1. Hehe dank u <3
      Alleen jammer dat het zo ver weg is!